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Overlooking your finger strength in your grip training?

If you're not doing these, you're leaving gains on the table.

Did you know the world record for the finger lift is over 730 lbs?! Imagine how strong of a hand you have to own to lift that much weight, with just one little finger!

Famous Strongman Stanless Steel has lifted over 700 lbs on a number of television shows over the years. He and I have been friends since 2006, and he has taught me a thing or two about building greater hand strength. In this video I am going to share some more modern blends of the methods he taught me when I was first learning the classic strongman art of Finger Lifting.

Even if you have no interest in one day hoisting a quarter ton off the floor with a single digit, these movements will still greatly benefit you. The tendons of the hands will get a lot healthier through some dynamic loading of the fingers. The distraction of the joints will make them injury proof, and increase both crushing and holding strength. These exercises will make your hands denser and thicker, they will become more resistant to pain and pressure.

You will not need much in the way of equipment to get started either. Check out this video and try out some of these movements. Give them a shot for a few workouts and let me know what happens. I am certain you will enjoy the new found power.